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Bill’s Ace Hardware Concord Location Now Carries STIHL


The High Performance of STIHL With the Convenience of Bill’s Ace Hardware Concord.

You asked… we delivered! Bill’s Ace Concord Location now carries STIHL products. The German manufacturer is renowned for its superior products and craftsmanship – so at Bill’s, we’re excited to bring their quality power tools to assist you in your next project!

Read on for more information about a few of their best-selling products.

STIHL Chainsaws – STIHL is America’s number one selling brand of chainsaws, and for good reason! Legend has it that the founder, Andreas Stihl, invented the chainsaw in his Stuttgart home in 1926. The first chainsaw he created weighed about 140 pounds. Since then, STIHL chainsaws have gotten considerably lighter – but have maintained their roots of dedication to quality and craftsmanship to this very day.

STIHL chainsaws are divided into five distinct categories, depending on the use: homeowner saws, farm/ranch saws, professional saws, battery chainsaws, and electric chainsaws. Most STIHL chainsaws are fitted with advanced technology like the STIHL Quickstop chain brake system, which stops the chain quickly and can be activated by inertia in case of kickback. Chainsaws also include anti-vibration technology to make them quieter and more comfortable to hold.

The highest-rated STIHL chainsaw is the MS 170 model – a lightweight chainsaw designed for small woodcutting tasks around the home. Reviewers rave about the reliability of the MS 170 and its quality relative to its price tag.

STIHL Blowers – Any sized lot can be well-maintained by using a STIHL blower. Professional landscapers and homeowners alike use STIHL products for clearing debris and keeping their property looking spotless. All STIHL blowers feature corrosion-resistant polymer housings for withstanding weather and impact, adjustable tubes for height preferences, and for gasoline-powered models, fuel tanks that can be easily checked and re-filled.  Professional models come in both backpack and handheld styles, and provide reliable power for all-day use.

If you need help finding the perfect blower for your needs, try STIHL’s Interactive Blower & Shredder Vac Selector. This will help narrow down your search based on the type of property you need to maintain, the noise restriction you require, and whether you want your blower or shredder powered by battery, electricity, or gasoline.

STIHL Weed eaters, Trimmers, and Brush cutters – Even though fall is here, that doesn’t mean that your lawn doesn’t need some trimming! The key to a well-groomed landscape year-round is to make sure you use quality tools to tame your lawn – like STIHL trimmers and brush cutters.

One of the key features of STIHL weed eaters is their fuel efficient and environmentally friendly capabilities. Besides the regular gasoline options, STIHL offers lightweight electric and Lithium-Ion battery-powered trimmers that start with a squeeze of a trigger. Plus, these options are much quieter than some traditional gas-powered models.

At Bill’s Ace Hardware in Concord, you can also find the accessories you need to keep your STIHL weed eater in tip-top shape. It’s important to change your trimmer line regularly – and when you do, choose STIHL. STIHL trimmer line uses a custom blend of polymers that prevent abrasion and welding and enhance flexibility across different temperatures. Bill’s Ace also carries a variety of STIHL trimmer heads and blades – from brush knives, which are made for cutting through heavy grass and reeds, to scratcher tooth saw blades, which can clear through vines and saplings with no issues.

STIHL Pressure Washers – Pressure washers can be a game-changer for both professionals and homeowners alike. Whether you’re cleaning your deck or a commercial building, you know you can trust STIHL to deliver superior cleaning performance. STIHL’s best-selling model, the RB 400 Dirt Boss, features a powerful engine that can output 2,700 psi of water pressure at 2.7 gallons per minute. It also includes an easy start pump system and convenient detergent injector system, with a 25’ no-kink hose. Your deck, driveway, or home will be clean in no time!

As with all power tools, it’s important to have the right accessories. For long-range jobs, pick up a STIHL hose extender. A multi-function nozzle can be a cost-efficient way to make sure you have the right type of water pressure for every cleaning project. And of course, Bill’s Ace Hardware in Concord carries different types of pressure washer soaps that are perfect for your job, including degreasers.

Fall Lawn Tips:

It’s finally October, and summer is over – but that doesn’t mean that the work on your lawn is done! Read on for a few tips on how to care for your yard this season.

  1. As the weather gets cooler, spots and mildew are unwelcome side effects of the start of autumn. Lawn fertilization in September or October can help prevent their appearance and improve resistance. Also consider increasing your cutting height, which will leave your lawn better prepared for the harsh temperatures and precipitation of winter.  
  2. Wet or tightly-compacted leaves can leave lawns unmanageable and invite unwanted fungi. Prevent fungal diseases from taking over your yard by frequently raking or leaf-blowing your lawn – and be sure to do this before the leaves get wet from rain or morning dew, as this can enhance the spread of fungi. See above for tips on how to select the perfect STIHL leaf blower or shredder vac for you!
  3. Always ensure you’re using the right tool for the job. Your trusted experts at Bill’s Ace Hardware can help you find everything you need to get your project done safely and correctly. Stop in today to talk to an associate about our selection of STIHL tools and accessories.
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