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Three Important Car Maintenance Tips from Bill’s Ace Hardware

At Bill’s Ace Hardware CA, we care about your safety. The late summer months mean vacations, heading back to school, and family outings – so it’s important that you take care of your vehicle to get you and your family from place to place safely.

Bill’s Ace Hardware California carries a large selection of the automotive products you need to keep your car looking and running well. From the name brand products – like Pennzoil motor oil and ArmorAll car cleaning products – to basics like wiper fluid, you can find what you need in our Auto Department.

Use the following tips to keep your vehicle in top shape, and stop into Bill’s Ace Hardware today to grab what you need for your next maintenance project.

  1. Wash and get a vehicle wax for your car at regular intervals. Most sources recommend doing this at least once a week. Not only does this make your car look shiny and new, but regular waxing and washing preserves paint and prevents rust from setting in. This is especially important in the winter, when road salt can make its way into the underbelly of your vehicle. Check out our huge selection of car cleaning products and vehicle wax on your next stop into Bill’s Ace Hardware California!
  2. Most people know they need to change their motor oil every 3 – 5,000 miles or so, depending on the car and oil type. But it’s important to remember to also check your car’s other fluids. Many models require replacing transmission fluid every 36,000 miles, or if the pink fluid starts turning brown. However, other models don’t ever require that transmission fluid be replaced. Check your owner’s manual to make sure you know how often yours should be changed to maintain your vehicle. Our associates are happy to help you understand what type of transmission fluid and motor oil is best to keep your car running smoothly.
  3. The upcoming fall months can mean unpredictable weather, including rain, sleet, and maybe even snow. To make sure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way, make sure to change your windshield wiper blades every six months or so. In particularly wet climates, they may need to be changed more often – so use your eyes and common sense to determine what’s needed for your vehicle.

Wiper fluid should be changed at service intervals when you have your motor oil changed, or when it runs out. Bill’s Ace Hardware carries both wiper blades and fluid for your pre-winter preparations.

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